About Sex Rules

Bringing Sex Out of the Dark and into the Light

Maria’s Falzone’s “Sex Rules!” is the best of all worlds for students and universities: highly entertaining for the audience but loaded with all the information students need and we educators want them to have.

Comedy works.

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From the Audience

  • "I saw Maria as a Freshman, I’m a Junior and had sex with my boyfriend (who also saw Sex Rules as a Sophomore) it was the most amazing experience!  We knew what we were doing and why we were doing it and we are so thankful to you!  I love you Maria Falzone"

  • "Maria Falzone reaches people with humor and compassion. Her work is crucial in today’s world. She is on a mission to bring sex out of the dark and into the light."

    Dr. Dan Morgan, author and educator
  • "Maria as a stand up comedian is hilarious, but before you know it, you're fascinated by what is such informative, entertaining sex ed you just don't know what hit you! The importance of her content will digest slowly, but leave a forever impact."

    Jessica Drake